About Ginger

I am a 61 year old single mom of one wonderful son, Alex Doman. I am also a new grandmom, have inherited two darling boys, Zane 12, and Ethan 8,  through Alex’s recent marriage to Mandy. They are proof  positive that dimples can be inherited.

I work for Advanced Brain Technologies from a remote office in the Seattle area. I am fortunate to have my dream job now; working with our wholesale customers and taking on a new role as the company’s Social Media Manager.  I have been in sales for many years, and have always been fortunate enough to sell products I love, but have never been as passionate about what I have the privilege to sell as I am now.

My spare time is spent with my dogs. My breed of choice is Irish Setters.  I have a twelve year old rescue, Crimson, who has been with me for seven years, and my little star Brea.  Her official handle is Am. Can Ch. Kerrsienna Love N’ Kisses.  Brea recently had a litter of puppies; two are staying here. Their names are alternately Lochlan, Ciaran,  or Leave It, depending upon what they are up to.  I also occasionally foster Irish Setters who come into rescue programs. 


2 responses to “About Ginger

  1. Thor Erik Pape

    I will leave a comment on your personal side in sted of eslusive setters. What a beutiful women,that I should like to be closer known of. I am a man, 60 years, single, my children is 3 girls, the youngest live with me and is 18 years old. We have the dogs in common. I am working with a webside, but the training of my dogs take a lot of time and I am not so good at it. Hope to hear from you. Regards Thor Erik

  2. Hello Ginger,

    I saw that you reviewed a book about dogs living healthy on one of your blogs and was wondering if you would be interested in reviewing a book that we are publishing this month.

    The book is called “A Year of Cats and Dogs” by Margaret Hawkins. Please e-mail me if you would to review it and I can mail you a copy right away. Below are a few pre-publication reviews it has recieved:

    Hawkins seamlessly weaves together many eclectic elements: soup recipes, I Ching meditations, bits of maudlin poetry, a pet’s simple request for toast, the heartache of death. You don’t have to be an animal lover to enjoy this funny and moving debut novel.
    —Joy Humphrey, Library Journal

    You can read this novel in a matter of hours, but it will leave you with days of ideas to contemplate. If you’re an animal lover, a food lover, or a philosophy lover this book will be well worth your time. —Heather Teig, Thought on the Arts

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    – Rania

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