The Listening Program

I love the results families can get using The Listening Program, so proud to work for this company!

Jake's Journey with Apraxia

Please welcome Kelly Pinkham today. When I first exchanged emails with this mama and then later talked to her on the phone, I knew what an asset her story would be to apraxia parents and SLPs. Kelly will be sharing her son’s journey with apraxia and her experience with The Listening Program.  

In 2013 my son Luke was two years old and he only had five words. His father was “Daddy” and I was also “Daddy.” My husband and I often said we felt like we were missing out on hearing his sweet voice and all that a two-year-old should say. In December of that year we decided to have Luke evaluated.

The morning of our meeting my eye began to twitch. I suppose this was mothers intuition, I somehow knew that the news to come was not going to be good. And then confirmation came…. my baby did…

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