The ball

What a lovely experience to have had, one that will stay with you always I’ll bet. If only we could all really see one another, the world would be a far better place


10329768_716150325094821_7199080986703226583_oLooked for our lost tennis ball in the grass for an hour. Seriously.  I needed it back. To throw for my dogs. It was there somewhere.

I didn’t watch it land. I threw badly and then between all of the out-runs and circling and shouting we lost sight of it. Dang.


We looked and looked. No where. Dang dang dang

Then to my great annoyance I watched a very elderly gentleman and his very elderly golden retriever find it. I  started to set out on a fast path to walk him down and take our ball back. Excuse me I would say, “That is our ball, ours.” because we needed our ball! And mineminemine.

Im kind of an ass.

And then I stopped. I don’t know why.

I stopped while my dogs circled around me and then moved just ahead to turn back and stare at me. And I watched the man…

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