Dear Breeders: Stop. Just stop.

This is excellent, I totally agree. There are many responsible breeders, a good place to locate them is to start with the national breed club. Ask questions, too. When you do find that good breeder take advantage of the chance to build a relationship. They know a lot and can more often than not help you through challenging times with your dog if you ask. Please too, if they had you sign a contract that among other thing says you will return the dog to them if for any reason you can’t keep it, do it! They poured their heart into that litter and will always want what is best for any puppy they whelped if it is a breeder worth their salt.

Dog Hair & Bourbon

Seriously – if you can’t do it right, just don’t do it at all. This is definitely a stab piece against dog breeders, but not for the reasons you’re probably thinking. I’m not here to condemn dog breeders or spout the “adopt don’t shop” religion. The few good, responsible breeders that exist have my full support and respect. Of my five dogs, two were purchased from breeders, and I will most certainly buy from breeders again. I like knowing my dogs’ bloodlines, and I will pay the money for a dog with health clearances. There are plenty of reasons to get a puppy from a breeder (though there are also plenty of reasons not to, as well).

IMG_3670 Rugby (he’s so frigging handsome, isn’t he?)

IMG_3101 Delaney

So what am I bitching about here? The breeders who don’t do their jobs. The breeders who just take their deposits and hand puppies off…

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