April Is Autism Awareness Month, How Aware Are You?



I hope my few readers to date will indulge me. This blog was originally meant to be strictly personal. However lately, some of my work life has spilled over into posts and I have decided to let it be what it is. My work is a huge part of my life after all. I was blessed last summer with an opportunity to begin working for my son’s company, Advanced Brain Technologies, which is a neurotechnology company. Our products are used by people in many different situations, one of the reasons we are involved in Autism Awareness Month during all of April.


I would ask that you go to the links I am providing if you know anyone with a child on the autism spectrum.  I would also ask that you take the time to learn more about this disorder if you have not learned much to date.  Knowledge can always aid us in understanding various things we experience in the world, and we all need to understand autism better than most do now.

What I think important is that we recognize each individual labeled as having an autism spectrum disorder as the unique and special person they are. For they like everyone I want nothing more than the BEST possible life they can have.  And, for those that love them to appreciate they have infinite potential…”  Read more…







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