A New Kind of Boot Camp

I found this fascinating quote today:

I’ve decided, at my age, that I have demonstrated my survival skills, having delivered a great lifestyle for myself and my children, foster children, and extended friends and family for many years. So I’m going to do it again. I’m going to hold some Boot Camps for people to show them how to start businesses — not necessarily the kind that get outside financing, but the kind that create a new economy (which may be based on currencies other than money). This will not be “consulting.” This will be assembling groups of people with the power to help each other find fulfillment by working together toward a common goal. It will be the unexpected joy of the pick-up team or the jam session.Francine Hardaway’s Blog, Feb 2009

What a great idea. I hope you’ll read the whole article. One of the most important lessons I hope that we are learning through this economic fiasco is that we can’t wait for someone to bail us out.  We need to take personal responsibility for  ourselves,  and our financial obligations, and do something proactive to help ourselves, and one another. Do you need something done? Do you have a skill that you can barter with?  We have so many vehicles available to communicate with one another, it could be fairly easy to set up a way to exchange services. It is something I haven’t yet done but I am definitely going to put my thinking cap on now!


One response to “A New Kind of Boot Camp

  1. You’re so right, Ginger. Those who stay on the sidelines remain forever on the sidelines.

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