Another Wall Torn Down Tonight

Regardless of one’s political affiliation, it is such good news for all of us that the wall of race came down in such a huge way tonight. This is fantastic news not only for this country but for the entire world. Our new President faces some major challenges and it will require much hard work and smart plans to get this country back on a good track again. For tonight I am savoring the greatness of this country, the realization that once again we have proven through our participation in the election process, that anything is possible. That is cause for great hope that things will be far better for all of us in the months and years ahead. Remember this night, so that you can tell your grandchildren about it.


One response to “Another Wall Torn Down Tonight

  1. Yes, this was an amazing night and I’ll never forget it. My little family was so excited, we went out at 9:00 and set off sparklers. I think so many of us had to write about it. After I stopped crying, this is what I wrote:

    What a wonderful time for us all.

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